What is the GTOS Therapy?

GTOS therapy, is a long lasting manuel therapy tecnique, instantly relieves pain-spasm pain loop which evoke acute and chronic pain, numbness, weakness, limitation in soft tissues (muscle, tendon, fascia, ligament,etc.) GTOS Therapy system is a physcian-controlled, non-invasive technique which is applied with an original patented device by GTOS Therapists. No medication, radiation, injection or electrotherapy are used so there is not any side effect. It can be practiced securely to patients with hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, pregnants and medical surgery history. GT protocol consist of 4 steps; Guide, Treatment, Ori, Set up which makes a lasting impact ( lifting techniques, posture correction and conservative biomechanical strategies). GTOS Therapy is a single stage approach which takes 1-3 hours. Hence it is so fast and economic.

GTOS Therapy is applied in which cases?

Myofascial pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, fibrocytes, myocytes, tendinitis, capsulitis, bursitis, epicondylitis, acute or chronic neck pain, acute or chronic lumbago, spondylolysis, facet arthropathy, Stenosis, lumbal disk hernia, sciatic,referred leg pain, mechanic lumbago, Servical disk hernia, referred upper extremity pain and numbness due to cervical central stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome,painful patalogies of elbow and wrist. Strain, meniscus pain, ligament injury, tendon injury, sports injuries, Heel spurs, Cramps and spasms Metatarsalgia, Enthesopathy, Patella femoral pain syndrome.